Margarita Zherdeva


The founders of abstractionism is considered to be V. Kandinsky, P. Mondrian and K. Malevich.

Wassily Kandinsky, a renowned Russian abstract artist, believed that color provokes emotions, which is why his paintings are rich in colorful brush strokes and geometric figures. Malevich's Black Square is one of breakthrough works of the abstract art.
"New York, I" is one of the most famous masterpieces of the late stage of Mondrian's career.
Mark Rothko is a famous American abstract artist whose paintings are composed of luminous rectangles saturated with color. When he was asked about the meaning of his prominent work White Center: Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose, he remained silent and let the viewers have their own interpretation.
«Royal Red and Blue»
The total cost of the painting was 75 mill $

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